Highland Music /Audio/ Photography/
Pulse Effect does experiments or keeps doing same job. It is a corporation with a back piper, flautist and piper Viluss from Lithuania. The Scottish feeling and melody in the compositions create what musicians call highland music.
Who told that skirts do not suit to a man?

Fire Show together with a Fire artist Dmitry / photography /
Everybody knows how does salute look like, also knows how does fire-eater look like, who have seen rhythmical sounding fire, though?
An exclusive fire show together with a fire artist Dmitry has become as the result of Long Corporation. Dmitry has mastered the Basic of the Jugglery with the fire at the circus studio. He is also a Judo master and successful Dzintar’s percussion student.

Ethno Percussion / photography /
Pulse Effect plays African, Latin American, Egyptian and other nationalities’ rhythms and its syntheses. The band in its Ethno Percussion Performances usually plays several Ethno Instruments from exotic countries – djembe, congas, rototoms, calimba, udu, bongos, darabuka, cow-bells etc. - which makes charming compositions.

Tap Dance and Free-style Percussion / photography /
A Coryphaei of Tap dance in Latvia Māris Pūris offered Pulse Effect corporation where would combined both Tap dance with body jamming and Tap dance with Free-style percussion after band’s attending at festival "Dance Day 2007". Now they are fully stretched at a new performance, so very soon we will supplement our web site with a new video!

"The Force" modern rhythmical dance performance (Choreography by Anna Ķirse) / video /
In honour of Pulse Effect Anniversary the band in Corporation with a choreographer Anna Ķirse made a modern rhythmical dance performance called “Force”. The performance speaks on eternal conflict among generations. This is a story about friendship, oneness and money. Every move, every sound has its own special Meaning… probably not only on the Stage, but also in a real life?
"Force" opening night was held in theatre "Daile" in the 6th June, 2007.

Pulse Effect together with a musician Igor Novikov in the Sense of Blues / photography /
After a great Jam by Igor (his is known with his blues rock band "Rebel") and band’s friend, a potter Arnis Preiss, Igor Novikov became interested in corporation with Pulse Effect. Igor was affected by Pulse Effect original, ethnic compositions. Now both parts make interesting corporation.

Youngsters’ Free-style project "Radiridirī" by Dzintars Vīksna / photography /
"Radiridirī" has been made as an experimental project, whose participants are youngsters without any musical and rhythmical grounding. The project is located in a small village called Braslava nearly town Valmiera. "Radiridirī" plays rhythmical compositions by using plastic vats, plumbers' tubes, brushes’ stocks etc. The group was formed in 2005 by Dzintars Vīksna according to Anthons Eso Benjamin suggestion and financial support.

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