Premier of Almost the performance „No drums, no problems” on 25th May

Concert in the backstage.  Concert on the stage. Where is the border? Where does the melody of rhythm begin? Almost performance „No drums, no problems" is the bridge between the invisible and predictable. The concert consists of muse existence, instruments' ubiquity and musicians' mission. Though, the concert does begin before the musicians' appearance on the stage...

It is hard to put almost the performance „No drums, no problems" in one certain form of art. The authors of this performance called Pulse effect by respecting the experiments and interaction among the various have created almost performance. By letting impulse of the rhythm to come out.

The percussion band „Pulse effect" is the first who started to develop body percussion or body jamming movement in Latvia. This is also quite new genre in the whole world, therefore „No drums, no problems" is going to be a unique experience to those who do love innovation, rhythm, dance and positive emotions. The professional musicians will also take part in the almost performance „No drums, problems" - Diāna Pīrāgs (vocal), Iļja Šneiveiss (keyboards, guitar) and Edvīns Ozols (bass, contrabass).

Almost performance „No drums, no problems" on the 25th May at almost theatre „Artelis" is going to be a test Premier. It will leave the place for discussion to make the performance perfect, and to entertain the guests of „Artelis" again in the autumn.

Entrance: 7 p.m.

Tickets are available at Biļešu Paradīze!

„No Drums, No Problems" PROMO VIDEO

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